North America's Largest, Most Comprehensive Seafarer & Mariner Service Agency

The Seamen's Church Institute’s (SCI) reach, influence, scale and level of innovation for both international seafarers and U.S. mariners is unmatched in the North American maritime community. Founded in 1834 with locations on four campuses and beyond, we are deeply committed to mariner wellness and pastoral care; maritime training and education; and advocacy for the men and women in their essential, but often overlooked, role in the transportation industry. Our work, from first response in a tragedy to influential voice on global public policy, is only made possible through the support of our donors and volunteers.

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Pastoral Care

"You Are Not Alone Out There"

In the Port of New York & New Jersey, SCI’s chaplaincy team welcomes the stranger, regardless of faith or background. In lieu of a brick-and-mortar church, mariners operating boats on U.S. inland waterways and the gulf comprise our Ministry on the River congregation. We tend to the spiritual and practical needs of mariners of all faiths in their work environment.


Seafarers visited on-board ships in the Port of New York & New Jersey last year

Maritime Education

two men in life jackets standing together
Simulation Training + Online Learning

SCI's Center for Maritime Education's training elevates the professionalism of the mariners’ occupation along with the safety of their workspace. Our feasibility studies strengthen mariner voices in the design and construction of vessels, bridges, port terminals and more.

two men in life jackets standing together


Mariners from more than 40 companies annually receive training on SCI’s Paducah & Houston campuses

Mariner Advocacy

man standing in orange jacket
Policy + Advocacy + Law

Since the mid-19th century, SCI has demonstrated unwavering commitment and focus on the welfare of mariners both on the micro and macro level. Our global reputation for advocacy has been earned through our tireless work on a wide range of policies and regulations addressing issues like piracy, crew abandonment, shore leave, and stowaways.


legal cases involving contract, wages, medical care, mariner qualifications, shore leave, criminal, immigration, termination, abandonment and harassment in the past year

man standing in orange jacket

Support Our Mariners

With 90% of the world’s goods transported via water, mariners are the unsung heroes of the U.S. and world economy. SCI’s vast network of services to mariners is achieved with a remarkably compact staff and budget, and would be impossible to sustain without the support of our volunteers and donors. Your contributions allow SCI to lead the charge in responding to mariners’ needs without hesitation, both near and far.

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