Our Purpose

The Mission to Chinese Seamen (MCS) is a Christian Evangelical Mission reaching out to Far East Seamen in the port of Philadelphia. MCS reaches out to seafarers from many nations right here at the port of Philadelphia.  Merchant Seamen typically spend ten months or more each year on board ship and only two months in their home country with family and friends.  The life of a seafarer is often lonely, monotonous and many times dangerous.  Seamen are truly a forgotten people group because they are an international population constantly on the move.

The ministry of MCS focuses on Far East seafarers, particularly those of Chinese ethnicity because of the restrictions against preaching the gospel in their home country.  Seafarers of Chinese heritage also make up a large percentage of the world’s merchant seamen.  It is estimated that 80% of the world’s merchant seamen are Asians.

The Mission to Chinese Seamen seeks to make the most of the opportunity God has provided by bringing these Chinese crewmembers literally to our doorstep at the ports of Philadelphia and Camden.  Our overall goals in ministry are:

  • Making Christ Known to Far East Seafarers
  • Helping Christian Seafarers Grow Spiritually

We fulfill this mission by sharing the Word of God and the love of Christ.


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