Monthly Archives: May 2015

Met with Captain from China

Young Captain
Rev. Lee was welcomed by a young captain only 39 years old from China and had a long talk about God. He came from Shi Chan province where big earthquake happened a couple of years ago and thanked God that his family was kept safe through this ordeal. Rev. Lee encouraged him to continue to put his faith in God.

Seamen Sacrifice for Their Families

Seamen SmileA seamen’s life is full of irony. They look like they are just smiling, but their smiles have a different meaning. They stay on board a ship for a couple of month without shore leave. They want to go out but they are not allowed to because they don’t have US visas. But despite the hardships they can smile because they know they are supporting their families by this sacrifice.

We may not be making these same kind of sacrifices but we can at least make someone smile!

Successful Shopping Trip!

Rev. Lee took pictures of seafarers in front of their ship after shopping. He prayed with them for a safe journey and for their families. There were two woman seafarers as well as a 3rd officer and training officer.

This was their first visit to Philadelphia. They said nobody prayed for them except here. They felt they were cared by God through prayer. Prayer is a lifeline for seafarers and we need to pray more for them.Shopping Group