Our Vision

John Stott challenges all Christians who live in the 21st century.  He says, “it is always very important to find new and effective ways to preach the Gospel.”

The Mission to Chinese Seamen fits this new globalized context in the 21st century.  We can contribute to world mission through seamen’s ministry.  Dr. Kverndal, who is a prestigious maritime missionary, said “Seamen’s mission is the frontier of all mission.  If seafarers participate in world mission, world mission can be advanced.”

The souls of over one million seafarers in the waving seas are agonizing under the chain of sins.  Yet the church bells do not sound loud enough to reach the last frontier of the sea.  Those people of the sea should not be deprived of the gospel.  The sea is a mission field.

In light of this, we appeal to churches and committed Christians everywhere to respond to the urgent need and providential opportunity offered by today’s maritime fields.  We must remember that the whole Gospel can never be brought to the whole world, so long as the world of seafarers is not reached.  We have pledged ourselves to “proclaim Christ until He comes.” But only by enlisting the unique witness of the Church maritime can we expect the glory of the Lord to completely” cover the earth – as the waters cover the sea!”

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