Leadership Team

Mission Lead

Our mission in Philadelphia is led by Rev. Dr. Byeong Eun Lee. He has been working with the mission since 1998 and is active in ministry at the Port of Philadelphia along the Delaware River. He earned his Doctorate of Ministry in Urban Mission and Masters of Divinity degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary, and has a Masters from the Biblical Theological Seminary in Philadelphia as well as a Bachelors degree from the National Mokpo Maritime University. He previously worked for four years at the Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster PA as an Adjunct Professor.

He has published a number of books including: The Bible, Curriculum of Christian Education; New Perspective on Leviticus; A Sanctifying Evangelism; Meditating on the Scripture from the Redemptive Historical Perspective; and Pathfinder for Maritime Ministry for the 21st Century.

He has a wife, a daughter and a son.

MCS Board

Rev. Lee is supported by the MCS Board whose members include (revised as of 3/20/2016):

  • Hillary McLaughlin (President)
  • Jennifer Johnson (Vice-President)
  • Norm Windle (Treasurer)
  • Dave Johnson (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Janice Hill (Secretary)
  • Larry Chang (Missionary)
  • Chris Henderson

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