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This Week in Philadelphia








Rev. Lee enjoyed good fellowship on board ship from Bangladesh. He was able to preach the gospel to them and helped with shopping. Bangladeshian captain heard gospel for the first time in his life. Praise God!



Seafarers from India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.



Annual Mission Banquet April 11, 2015

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Our annual mission banquet was held at Wayne Presbyterian Church on April 11, 2015 and was a great success!  Speakers included the Senior Pastor at Wayne Presbyterian, Casey Thompson, Bill Thompson, Hillary McLaughlin, and Rev. Dr. Byeong Eun Lee.

The dinner was hosted by Janice Hill with help from the Hill sisters and provided by Yang Ming. Music was performed by Rick and Carol Hill.

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We continue to ask for your prayers and financial contributions so that this important work of ministry, that reaches people from all over the world, can continue.